Time to activate your universal language. We all have it within us. We just need to activate the codes that are already within us.

To receive and activate your own light language has been a request from many of you for a long time. This is an activation webinar where you will receive a recording before the webinar to prepare your light language codes and a separate recording to do afterwards to keep developing and activating your light language codes.

When I was around 5 -6 years old, I started to talk in light language. No one understood me, so I shut it down. Many years later, it came fully back, and for many years I have assisted souls in activating their light language codes.

Light language is a very much more intelligent language than our human one. Light language holds codes and frequencies that activate your core essence of who you are behind time and space. Light langue has a very strong power to clear negative energies and assist in activating codes that are ready to be expanded within our field.

I cannot even start to explain how happy I am to present this workshop.

This activation will only work through the person that has booked a spot. The codes that will be received are in full energy exchange to every soul that has booked a spot.

You will receive:
1. An pre-activation recording you can do before the webinar to start the preparation of this process.
2. We will clear all negative energies, curses, entities, implants, and more that block your light language from coming through.
3. We will activate your light language codes.
4. We will activate your voice and the power of its unique frequency
5. We will open up our light body to receive any activation and upgrade ready for our light language and the unique purpose for it
6. After the webinar, you will receive an extra recording for the integration of this process

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